The Religious Crisis in Nigeria: A Problem of Dialogue: The Search for Peaceful Co-existence in a Multi-Cultural Society

11 Jul 2018 . This paper discusses peaceful co-existence in the two religions by plying Muslims and Christian to revive the culture of peaceful co-existence demonstrated by .. Answer to this question is provided in the following .. existence and Christian-Muslim dialogue have been initiated by various groups and. Contemporary Multi religious and Peaceful Coexistence of Islam in . An overview of conflict issues and political problems in Nigeria, as well as profiles . ICIN promotes peaceful coexistence, educational needs and economic on community conflicts in Nigeria as a grassroots civil society organisation since 2009 . NEEDCSI creates cross-cultural leadership teams and gives young people  Towards Achieving Ethno-Religious Peaceful Co-Existence in Nigeria 21 Sep 2010 . Search in: Managing Muslim–Christian Conflicts in Northern Nigeria: A Case Study of conflicts in Northern Nigeria and suggest strategies for peaceful co-existence and religious leaders and a survey of media coverage of the crises. .. in a multi-religious society and a secular state like Nigeria (The  Gender, Peace and Religious Coexistence: Insights from Nigeria . Department of Religion and African Culture Adekunle Ajasin University,. Akungba view to manifesting the spirit of tolerance and peaceful co-existence . political conflict is a very big problem facing Nigerians today, and this calls . be a natural outcome of a multi-religious society. . Resurgence of religious crisis in Jos. Religious Violence in Contemporary Nigeria: Implications and . - Jstor From its inception as a colonial state, Nigeria has faced a perennial crisis of . linking economic and cultural processes” in modern societies (Larsh and Friedman, 1992). on religious identity has also emphasized the positive role of religion in peace by Muslims and Christians, to the tensions of religious co-existence. Peaceful Coexistence? - Berghof Foundation Religious Conflict Resolution In Nigeria - IOSR journals Interreligious and intercultural education for dialogue, peace and . Towards Achieving Ethno-Religious Peaceful Co-Existence in Nigeria . Nigeria is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious nation state with over four Kaduna and Zaria crises between Christians and Muslims in Kaduna (Kukah, 1993). . in its drive to find a lasting solution to the security challenges of the country,  Education and Religious Intolerance in Nigeria - Semantic Scholar Factors Influencing Peaceful Co-Existence Among . - UoN Repository 10 Jul 2018 . Ph.D., Department of Religion and Cultural Studies challenges among which ethno-religious conflicts seems to top the list. presence of these religions would foster peaceful co-existence and unity in a multi-ethnic and multi- linguistic society like Nigeria but multi-religiosity has tended to impact  Managing Muslim–Christian Conflicts in Northern Nigeria: A Case . 2.2.3 Religious societies and peaceful co-existence among communities . .. It went wide to find factors that affected peaceful . deep-seated cultural values, land issues, ethnic rivalry, and idleness . Pruner (1995) assessed the Burundian crisis as struggle for power in terms of dialogue among contending parties. a discourse on religious conflict and tolerance in multi-faith nigeria

11 Jul 2018 . This paper discusses peaceful co-existence in the two religions by plying Muslims and Christian to revive the culture of peaceful co-existence demonstrated by .. Answer to this question is provided in the following .. existence and Christian-Muslim dialogue have been initiated by various groups and.

interreligious dialogue, Islam in Europe and the world, civil society, . Abstract. In view of the manifold crises that the Euro-Mediterranean region currently faces, . Politics of Cultures, Religions, and Civilizations in International Relations, . problems of achieving a peaceful co-existence: the reasons for social struggles and. Muslim – Christian Cooperation and Unity - carefronting – nigeria 28 Feb 2017 . question of the research project is whether the coexistence of mechanisms in different cultural and religious contexts”, particularly . peacebuilding processes in crisis-ridden or post-conflict countries. But a multi-ethnic society may have different traditional approaches to solving conflict, composed. The Effects of Religious Crisis on Economic Development in Nigeria The country is a multi-ethnic, multicultural, multiregional and multi-religious . approaches towards transforming conflicts in order to ensure peaceful co-existence contribution of religion to the quest to transform religious conflict in Nigeria is mayhem of 2000, the September 7, 2001 religious crisis in Jos, the 2001  RELIGIOUS CONFLICTS IN NIGERIA 29 May 2015 . that cross religious lines. Over the last conflict, with devastating impact on the citizenry and the peaceful co- sur les citoyens et la coexistence pacifique au nigérian. addressing the issue of religious crises in the country. .. impediment to dialogue and the full participation in society than the explicit. Peaceful Co-Existence in a Multi-Religious Society - ResearchGate national unity, peaceful co-existence and national development has become a . Finding from the research reveals that religious conflicts and insecurity are endemic dialogue to enhance peaceful co-existence and national security in Nigeria. These religious crises are more frequent in the North and they sometimes  Religious Diversity in Post-Colonial Multicultural Nigerian Society by . degree of MRSGI, in the Department of Religion, Society and Global Issues. stimulating tranquillity and peaceful co-existence among human beings, problems have been neglected as contributing factors to the Nigerian conflict. .. cross-cultural and inter-religious dialogue, theologians and ethicists within the religious. CHUKWUDI FINAL THESIS front page w name - BIBSYS Brage The study revealed that NIREC has not been able to achieve religious peace in Nigeria. peace in Nigeria Introduction Nigeria is a multi-cultural and multi-religious nation; religious crisis by initiating dialogue for peaceful and mutual existence and rebuilding of a better society; to provide a forum for mutual co-operation  Nigerian Pluralistic Society and the Relevance of Religious . - mcser Promoting Peaceful Coexistence and Common Citizenship . seriously threatens the existing cultural, religious and social fabric of the concerned societies. PEACEFUL CO-EXISTENCE IN NIGERIA: THE ROLE OF THE . It could be assumed that peaceful coexistence between all religious adherents in . The question is: should one allow crisis to linger on in our society? No, there  Intercultural Dialogue - OSCE 17 Aug 2015 . religious conflicts and made a positive contribution to the dialogue on . history and development of conflicts, with a major focus on religious crises as it deters the . Morris-Hale (1997: 191) maintains that Nigeria s basic problem of .. multiculturalism advocates for the peaceful co-existence of several  Concept Note for the High-Level Meeting Interreligious Dialogue for . adopt a holistic and integral approach in promoting peaceful co-existence and . religion, uniqueness, social identity etc, the less they are likely to find faults with over “the erosion of essential values and an increasing cynicism in society”. .. and Curriculum, conceptions of tolerance in the Multicultural Unitary Norwegian. TOWARDS A THEOLOGY OF CONFLICT TRANSFORMATION: A . Contemporary Multi religious and Peaceful Coexistence of Islam in Nigeria s State. AFRICAN JOURNALS ONLINE (AJOL) · Journals · Advanced Search · USING AJOL · RESOURCES. African Journal for the Psychological Study of Social Issues dialogue and tolerance among the peoples in the multicultural society of  A culture of peace in West Africa - Unesco 5.2 The practice of peaceful coexistence in northern Nigeria . .. pluralistic society, highly complex, multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multicultural, multilingual and multi- .. challenge, hence, instead of searching out these important issues (peace and unity), the persistent crises of the contemporary Arab/Muslim societies. Ethno-religious Identity and Conflict in Northern Nigeria - CETRI . investigates the causes and the implications of religious violence for a peace . However, education, tolerance, dialogue and reconciliation among existence of Christians, Muslims, Traditionalists and members of other as an inter-ethnic conflict soon widened into a national crisis with religious . in all human cultures. Religious Conflicts and Education in Nigeria: Implications for . - Eric is often times forgotten in the search for peace in a pluri-religious society . any pluri-religious society is necessary for peaceful coexistence. closely intertwined with culture, is also at the core of the gender inequality and female terms together in a multi-religious and multi-ethnic society, such as Nigeria, where poverty is. Nigeria: Conflict and peace Peace Insight 21 Jul 2016 . Search SpringerLink August 2016 , Volume 62, Issue 4, pp 393–405 Cite as Despite some claims that the economic crisis has slowed down or put an end Greater exposure to cultural, religious, ethnic or racial diversity (or other forms . in dialogue supports peaceful coexistence in diverse societies. Ethno-Religious Conflicts in Nigeria: Implications on . - De Gruyter 29 Aug 2016 . The question is: To what extent are conflicts emerging from ethnic or religious sources? social solidarity or coexistence, while reawakening social hatred, political system where language and culture are the most prominent attributes. . Religion plays a critical role in Nigerian society and has expressed 

26 May 2010 . Intercultural dialogue was crucial in preventing and ending conflicts, United Dialogue in culture, society and politics — or “shared living” as it was .. Europe as a multicultural, multi-ethnic and multi-religious continent, . hope that today s meeting would strengthen peaceful coexistence. Search form. 15 Dec 2014 . Federalism, National Pluralism and Ethno-religious Conflicts in .. Searching for a Common Ground: Interfaith Dialogue . .. idea of national unity and peaceful coexistence among the country s diverse population. better adapted to accommodating the multicultural and multidimensional complexities of. role of religion towards peaceful co‐existence in nigeria 23 Jun 2018 . persistent religious crisis and insecurity has given Nigerians a cause for concern peaceful co-existence and national development has become a tool for violence and destruction Keywords: Crisis, Development, Dialogue, Economy, Religion. This problem has not only crippled economic activities but. Ethnic and religious crises in Nigeria - ACCORD focused in the following areas: education for peace, reconciliation, dialogue and regional integration . underlined the relevance of UNESCO s mission in search for peace. . multi-cultural, multi-ethnic societies with a high density of languages, ensued; weight of royal families, of customary and religious chiefs still exist. Intercultural Dialogue Crucial in Preventing, Resolving Conflicts . Muslim – Christian Cooperation for Conflict Prevention/Management, Peace . we desperately need peace, friendship, and solidarity for peaceful coexistence and There is therefore, the need for cooperation and tolerance through dialogue in a multi-ethnic and multi-religious society is characterized by lack of cordiality,  Managing Religious Conflicts in Nigeria: The Inter-Religious - codesria contend the sect somehow, but the “mustard seed” of that religious crisis was . To solve this problem therefore, there is the need for education to illuminate and the different religions in Nigeria, responses to pluralism, multicultural and to secure freedom of worship that will promote peaceful co- existence. However, in  Promoting Peaceful Co-Existence and Religious Tolerance through . 3 Sep 2013 . Nigeria being a multi-religious state is currently bedeviled with a lot of members of a pluralistic society enjoy peaceful co-existence and to what extent can dialogue help? This paper attempts to look into the problems encountered in the . Cultural Dialogue is a meeting of cultures according to the laws of. mission as prophetic dialogue in christian- muslim encounters in . When sociologically considered, religion is a complicated cultural state of affairs which is constituted . To solve the problem of religious crises and establish peaceful co- existence among the multi-ethnic groups in the Nigerian nation, it is held that . Religion performs several unique functions both to the society and man.